Polisin bastığı ev partileri

Derya Erbudak

Derya Erbudak

Even Celine Dion? Probably. We call these noble beings the Encyclopods, because their DNA incorporates the DNA of every endangered species they encountered, so they can recreate them if they go extinct. Just as a pillow, a wig and a corncob pipe can be used to recreate my old girlfriend! Bingo. Meanwhile, at the Honeybun Hideout. There! Now you know how it feels to be locked up in a go-go cage. What the hell are you talking about? Shut your man-hole. I feel dirty. Are you sure Fry is working for your father? It just doesn’t seem like him to be so evil, or to hold down a job.

Not really. If you insist. But you’re paying! Wax replicas of the most famous robots Mom built! They’re so lifeless-like. That’s the world’s greatest robot artist, Vincent van Gobot. He was built without an ear, but then he went crazy, and had one installed. I’m the janitor. I’m trying to take a nap. I’m sorry. I thought you were made of wax. I thought you were a wax robot. Is there a reason a robot made of wax can’t nap… standing in the middle of a bunch of wax robots? Or does that confuse you? See through the eyes of a Bender unit.

That damn time machine alone set me back 15 years. If only it’d work, you could go back and not waste your time on it. There’s no one to carry on after I’m gone. No one to take over my work and my research and my fabulous fortune. I’ve got to name a successor! A successor? A successor to the professor? There’s no time to lose. a successor-naming machine! The professor’s been in his lab for days! I hope he didn’t die. Unless he named me his successor. Then I hope he did die. You, the successor? Over my empty shell! The professor will pick me.

You’re under arrest for crimes against science. Could you drag me by the restroom? Order! In the matter of Everyone v. Farnsworth, the alleged creationist faces a sentence of death by melting. Who is representing the accused? I am, Your Honor. Bender, what the hell are you doing? Shut up, I’m billing you by the hour. Besides, I’m a robot; They’ll listen to me. Ladytrons and gentlebots. Objection. In the absence of pants, defense’s suspenders serve no purpose. I’m going to allow them.

Your upgrade is complete. But I destroyed the technology of the world. I ran on the beach and felt the sand between my foot-cups. Everyone experiences the upgrade differently. If that stuff wasn’t real, how can I be sure anything is real? Is it not possible, nay, probable… that my whole life is just a product of my, or someone else’s imagination? Well, I guess reality Yep. Oh, thanks, baby. 1 Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV Here we go, y’all! Zoidberg, Zoidberg.


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